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The Trans Comedy Award
has a winner

Boy Meets Girl is being made
by Tiger Aspect as we speak.
Want to know more about the award
Go to our history page
to find out more

Boy Meets Girl

A still from the Boy Meets Girl Pilot starring trans actor Rebecca Root

Boy Meets Girl

First official release from Boy Meets Girl

Welcome to the Trans Comedy Award

Trans Comedy joined forces with BBC Writersroom to launch The Trans Comedy Award: a talent search to encourage writers to promote a positive portrayal of Transgender people in mainstream comedy.

This has been won by Elliot Kerrigan and is currently being made into a comedy called Boy Meets Girl by Tiger Aspect

The Trans Comedy Award opened up an opportunity for the transgender community and members of the general public to portray transgender characters and the transgender experience in a fresh affirming manner, without resorting to cliché or stereotype.

We looked for original comedy sitcoms, comedy dramas or sketch shows featuring transgender characters and/or themes and written for television. An award of up to a maximum of £5000 was allocated to the selected writer in order that they may develop a pilot or taster.


Offical Press Release


We had a winner and now we have a series. Read all about it here


From the Blog

Rebecca Root discusses Boy Meets Girl on Time 4 T with Claire Parker

Rebecca Root discusses Boy Meets Girl on Time 4 T on Radio Reverb with Claire Parker

Claire Parker talks to Rebecca Root


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